OMG!  That is expensive!”  

Who would EVER pay that much for a cookie?


Sometimes the reactions I receive to my cookie quotes can be really disheartening, especially when I know my prices are fair and competitive. I put this pricing information sheet together to help explain to prospective customers how Whoo’s Bakery? prices show that decorated cookies are worth every cent!

Why are decorated cookies so special?

Decorated cookies are not your average cupcake!  It’s not my intention to scrutinize cupcakes because I love and offer them too, but the time and overall process involved in making and decorating cookies is far more complex than cupcakes.  In fact, it takes me a nominal amount of time to make a dozen cupcakes than it does to make a dozen cookies (without including the extensive drying time needed for cookies of course).

Comparative table cupcakes v cookies


Decorated cookies have become increasingly popular as foodies search for the next best thing!  They can be customized to suit any occasion and they make a unique one-of-a-kind gift that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Decorated cookies make fantastic favors as they can be personalized into name places or thank you gifts that compliment any event theme. They also make a great alternative to the traditional kids’ party loot/lolly bag or event memento.

Each cookie order is given a substantial amount of time, attention and love to ensure that each customer receives a fresh, high quality product that not only looks good but tastes great too! 

What is the ‘actual cost’ to make a dozen small cookies?

There are two main elements to making cookies – time and ingredients.  The following table summarizes the average time and cost of ingredients it takes me to make a dozen small cookies.

Average Cost of A Dozen Cookies
My actual cost to make a dozen small cookies is:

TIME    +    INGREDIENTS/MATERIALS        =      $91.00 – $115.00

I have calculated the time based on minimum wage (ie $8.00/hr) however, I believe (and I hope you agree) that cookie decorators are artists with qualifications, experience and special skills who deserve more than minimum wage. 

There are also other costs associated with making cookies that customers are not charged for.  These items include:

– Special equipment and tools
– Appliances
– Education and Courses
– Materials
– Utilities (ie electricity, water etc)

How much does Whoo’s Bakery? charge for cookies? 

My cookie prices vary depending on size and detail.  The cost of a dozen small cookies with basic decoration starts from ONLY $30.00! 

How I price my cookies is detailed in the following chart (adapted from

 Cookie Price Chart


Whether cookies are classified as basic, detailed or elaborate depends on the extent of the cookie design, cookie cutting technique (ie hand cut or cutter), how many colours are used, piping techniques and quantity of piping, airbrushing and stencilling and whether sugar paste and other edible embellishments (ie sanding sugar, edible pearls) are used. 


Cookie Classification Sheet

How does the actual cost compare to Whoo’s Bakery?’s prices for a dozen small cookies?

Actual Price    $91.00
Whoo’s Bakery? Price $30.00
SAVING 67.04%

Making and decorating cookies is a labour of love. All orders are baked to order to ensure each of my customers receive a fresh, high quality product that no only looks good but tastes great too!



I specialise in fondant cakes but do offer single tier buttercream cakes.   The following prices are starting prices and include basic decoration and flavor (ie chocolate or vanilla).


 Single tier

– 6 inch – $50.00 (10 small servings or 8 large servings)
– 7 inch – $70.00 (19 small servings or 12 large servings)
– 8 inch – $80.00 (28 small servings or 14 large servings)
– 9 inch – $95.00 (48 small servings or 18 large servings)
– 10 inch – $110.00 (52 small servings or 21 large servings)

 Two Tier

– 6 & 8 inches – $130.00 (38 small servings or 20 large servings)
– 6 & 9 inches – $145.00 (58 small servings or 26 large servings)
– 7 & 9 inches – $160.00 (68 small servings or 30 large servings)
– 7 & 10 inches – $175.00 (72 small servings or 33 large servings)

Three Tiers

– 4, 6 & 8 inches – $160.00 (45 small servings or 24 large servings)
– 5, 7 & 9 inches – $245.00 (71 small servings or 36 large servings)
– 5, 8 & 11 inches – $250.00 (90 small servings or 45 large servings)
– 6, 8, 10 inches – $270.00 (90 small servings or 45 large servings)
– 6, 9 & 12 inches – $315.00 (114 small servings 48 large servings)

 Fake tiers can be added and start from:

– 6 inch – $33.00
– 7 inch – $45.00
– 8 inch – $58.00
– 9 inch – $63.00
– 10 inch – $72.00
– 11 inch – $82.50
– 12 inch – $93.00

Cake Toppers


Cake toppers range from $10-30/each depending on size and detail.

Cookie cake toppers are also available when customers also order cookies. Cookie cake toppers are priced in accordance my cookie pricing guide above. 

Cake Flavors

Cake flavors and fillings are limited as I am a home baker and therefore subject to the Texas Cottage Food Laws which prohibit the sale of ‘potentially hazardous foods’.   Basically, a ‘potentially hazardous food’ means a food that requires time and temperature control to keep them from spoiling.  Potentially hazardous foods include (inter alia) perishable foods, such as cheesecakes, custard fillings, meringue pies, pumpkin pies aswell as some cakes/fillings/frostings made from fresh fruit and vegetables (eg banana cake).   


End Notes

Baking and decorating cakes & cookies isn’t going to make me rich.  If I was concerned about the money I would still be practising law!  But my passion is baking and I am lucky enough to have a supportive fiance who has helped me make my dream of owning my own bakery come true. 

Thank you everyone for your continued support of Whoo’s Bakery?  I am grateful for each and every order and love making customers smile and their tummy love them!  

Stacey xxx