What ingredients are in your cakes, cookies and cupcakes?

Ingredients differ from cake to cupcake depending on flavour.  I can provide you with a detailed ingredient list for your cake or cupcakes upon request.

My cookies are baked with butter, plain flour, corn flour, icing sugar, meringue powder, flavoring essence, sugar paste, coloring paste and love!

My cookies do not contain nuts.  However, some of my cakes and cupcakes do contain nuts.  Please be aware that my cookies and nut-free cakes and cupcakes are prepared in a kitchen which contains nuts and some of my ingredients state they may contain nuts.

If you have any special dietary requirements or allergies, please let me know – I will do my best to accommodate any requests.

How long do your cookies last?

My cookies will remain fresh for about three to four weeks if stored properly. I recommend keeping them in an air tight container and stored in a cool dry place.

Do you have any qualifications?

Yes. I have attended the Knightsbridge PME School of Cake Decorating and hold a PME Professional Cake Decorating Diploma.

I also hold an accredited Level 2 certificate in Food Safety & Hygiene for Catering.

Can you design, create and personalize a custom cake, cupcake or cookie for me?

I would love to create a custom cake, cupcake or cookie just for you!  Whatever your heart desires … let me know … I can design and create a cake, cupcake or cookie that is perfect for your special occasion.

For custom orders I require a little more time to liaise with you on the design and, order any materials I may require.

Prices for custom design orders vary depending on the size and design of the cake, cupcake or cookie.  While many of my products can be personalized at no charge, significant changes to a product design may result in slight price increase.


What is the minimum order for your cupcakes and cookies?

The minimum order for cookies is 2 dozen (ie 24 cookies). The minimum order for cupcakes is 1 dozen (ie 12 cupcakes). For mini cupcakes there is a minimum order of 2 dozen (ie 24 cupcakes).

How do I place an Order?

Orders can be placed by emailing me at

I will respond to your email with 24 hrs and confirm whether I have availability in my baking schedule for your order.

Please note that I take a limited number of orders each week and no order is final until you have received an email confirmation from me and your order is paid in full.

How do I pay for my order?

Payment can be made via Venmo, check or cash.  Payment details will be provided with once you have received an email confirming your order.

What if I want to cancel my order?

You can cancel your order at any time, however, please be aware that penalties may apply.  Unfortunately, I am not in a position to refund all monies paid by you for orders as I have especially put aside time in my baking schedule for you.  Therefore, in the event of a cancellation, monies will be refunded to you in accordance with my Terms and Conditions.

Do you accept returns, exchanges or refunds?

Unfortunately, as cakes, cupcakes and cookies are perishable all sales are finals.  Whoo’s Bakery? does not accept returns, exchanges or offer refunds.

Taste is a very personal matter and subjective Whoo’s Bakery? does not accept returns or offer refunds for any orders merely because you do not like the taste.

Please note that as every cake, cupcake and cookie is lovingly handmade and therefore may differ slightly to the ones pictured.


What packaging options do you have for your cookies?

I offer a variety of packaging options which can be customized upon request.

Individually wrapped cookies

I offer a number of individual favor packaging options, including

  • Plain sealed cello bags
  • Cello Bags with ribbon
  • Cello Bags with ribbon and customized gift tag/topper
  • Cookie Cards
  • Pillow Boxes with ribbon
  • Pillow Boxes with ribbon and customized gift tag

All individually wrapped cookies are then placed in a gift box.

Cookies presented in pillow boxes are first sealed in cello bags to ensure they remain fresh.

Pictures of my individually wrapped cookies are available on request.

Gift Boxes

All my gift boxes are cushioned with shredded food safe crinkle paper.

Please note that cookies presented in my gift boxes are NOT individually sealed in cello bags.  Therefore, please ensure the recipient stores their cookies in an air tight container upon receipt so that the cookies maintain their freshness.

Pictures of my Gift Boxes are available upon request.

How do you package your cupcakes?

All of my cupcakes are presented in a gift box.